Mystery Travellers Quality
and Reliability Monitoring Service

Who are Mystery Travellers?

Part of Bestchart Ltd, Mystery Travellers is a Nationwide, plain-clothed quality monitoring system for the bus, coach and rail industries. We are the 'mystery shoppers' of the passenger transport world.

Unlike some organisations we select our staff very carefully. They are all employed by Bestchart and are properly trained and independently monitored. We believe it is paramount for our staff to be vigilant at all times and that the observations they make are a true and accurate account of their journeys.

Our service is unbiased and independent. We do not operate any form of public transport ourselves and are not allied to any operator. You can therefore be assured that you are receiving a fully impartial service every time.

Why Choose Mystery Travellers?

  • We are unbiased and all work is undertaken in strict confidence.
  • Our staff are chosen for their integrity.
  • We have no preconceived ideas about your staff, vehicles or operation.

We look at your operation from a customers' perspective. Our service is tailored to meet your needs. We provide short or long-term contracts, depending on your requirements. Our service enables you to monitor and reinforce your own standards. Report Summaries and Progress Graphs can be provided to help you assess your performance over time. We work to an agreed budget with no hidden charges.

What's in it for you?

  • Help you to identify areas for staff training.
  • Your time is freed for other important tasks.
  • Provide built-in revenue protection by observing your drivers.
  • Quality and reliability issues are now becoming more important. Forward-thinking companies like yours recognise the value of our service and realise its relevance in today's operating environment.

Journey Reports

For each journey our Mystery Traveller makes a journey report is completed, a copy of which you see. This includes such things as a comparison between scheduled and actual departure and arrival times, an assessment of the customer facing staff, such as drivers, guards, inspectors, booking office and enquiry staff appearance, customer care, driving standards on buses and coaches, the condition of the bus, coach or train inside and out, plus any other comments.

Report Summary and Progress Graphs

From individual journey reports we can produce an analysis. This highlights the information gleaned on the Journey Reports in an easy-to-read format and enables you to identify looming problems. Statistics are used to form a database and after each sample of monitoring performance can be measured against previous periods using coloured graphs.

Contact us for a discussion of your requirements. We'll be happy to visit and speak with you, completely without obligation.

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